Welding jobs

If you are a welder from another European country outside of The Netherlands, then you best keep on reading. The reason is simple. There are great opportunities with good money waiting for you just abroad. Welding is a profession that pays well in The Netherlands, especially for international workers!


Have a look at our welding job vacancies and send us your resume if you’re interested!

Salaries for a welding job in The Netherlands 

Skilled welders in other European countries are not earning as much as those in The Netherlands. Let’s say the following applies to you. You are a skilled welder, but your paycheck doesn’t reflect your worth. 

You've perfected your craft, yet you're stuck in a job that barely pays the bills. Imagine a place where your skills are not just needed but highly valued. A place where you can earn what you truly deserve. That place is called The Netherlands,where skilled jobs are for the taking!

Welding jobs vacancies 

Got welding skills? Then there is great news for you. Your skills are in high demand and Dutch companies are willing to pay for it!

Besides welding jobs, we also offer production jobs and warehouse jobs in Holland. Find the right fit!

Finding a welding job 

In The Netherlands we understand the value of skilled craftsmanship. At Work in Holland we offer you more than just a job: we offer a career path and a new life. 


Once you have applied for a job and have been accepted, our team helps you to move to The Netherlands. How? Well, by following these steps:

  1. We help you with all relevant paperwork 
  2. We assist you to get a ticket 
  3. Our team awaits at the airport on your day of arrival
  4. They will give you an amazing tour 
  5. You will be brought to your new house and neighborhood

Why land a welding job through Work in Holland? 

At Work in Holland, we do more than find you a welding job. We offer a complete package that includes your job and your new home.

We specialize in matching skilled craftsmen like you with the perfect job. Plus, we handle your housing, making your transition smooth and worry-free.

About Work in Holland

Have we matched you to a welding job? Great, then the journey begins. We help you get set up in The Netherlands. Not just by inviting you, but by assisting you with everything: 

  • You get our help with getting a flight ticket
  • You are getting picked up on your day of arrival
  • You are brought to your new home 
  • You receive a private room 
  • You live close to work


Work in Holland exists for one simple reason: to help you with a new life in The Netherlands. It is our duty to make you feel as comfortable as possible!

How to get a welding job in The Netherlands

Excited already? Great, so are we! Have you had a look at the welding jobs available already? If not, go check them out. From there on this is what you can expect: 

  1. Apply for a job with your personal information
  2. Wait until you get a response from us
  3. After we got in touch, send us all your documentation
  4. Get a job offer, either a fulltime job or a temporary job
  5. We make further steps to get you to The Netherlands!


Ready? Click here to apply for a welding job in The Netherlands!