Jobs for self-employed candidates

Do you want to work as a self-employed worker?

Our goal is to get a suitable job for every one. That's why we started with offering jobs for self-employed workers. 

The criteria for starting as self-employed worker:

  • VAT number
  • Company registration
  • Insurance copy

We can help you to get the right documents to start as a self employed worker.

Our proces

After applying you will go through a few steps which are described in the following flow:

Step Apply
Step Interview
Step Job offer
Step Hired
Step Arrival
Step 1st day of work

Apply for a job via this website

We will get in contact with you soon and have pleasant job interview 

If you are interested we will give you a nice job offer. If we think there is an other job available that suits you, we will let you know.

If you accept the offer, we welcome you at our team!

We will explain the whole process to you, be with you all the time during planning and during work in our company

Welcome in the Netherlands. Help with organizing the arrival in the Netherlands, also help and assistance of colleagues upon arrival.

You can start working! The first day, we will guide you.

VAT number

When you work as a self-employed worker, you will get a VAT number. We need this number for our administration.


You also need a company registration. In Holland it is called KVK. This number tells us your company is registered and we can move on with each other.


When you are working as a self employed worker, it is mandatory to be insured. You must arrenge this yourself. We need a copy for our administration.


Making payments to the tax authorities and keeping correct records is the responsibility of a self-employed person.

Latest jobs for self-employed candidates