Technical jobs

Looking for a good job in The Netherlands? Many big companies need technical workers like you. And the best part? They pay good money for your skills.

Check out our technical job openings and see for yourself!


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Working in a technical job

People from many countries come to The Netherlands for work. Why? Because the pay is better here than in many other places. This is true for technical jobs too.

Companies need technical workers to keep things running. Your skills are important, and you will get good pay for your work. If you don’t have relevant experience in the technical field, take a look at our unskilled jobs in the Netherlands.

Technical jobs in The Netherlands

With Work in Holland, you can find many technical jobs. Our vacancies range from warehouse jobs, order picker jobs and welding jobs in the Netherlands.

Technical jobs for English speakers

Many international companies in The Netherlands need workers who speak English. Do you speak this language on a reasonable level? Good, you are already halfway there!

People who speak English can find many technical jobs in The Netherlands, or Holland, as some of us call it. So, what are you waiting for? You have already read this whole page, so we both know your English is quite good!

The requirements for technical jobs

Your language level is good enough, which is great! Now, here are some other things you need:

  • You are okay with using your hands and tools
  • You can work well with others
  • You can read and understand work instructions
  • You are okay with sometimes working more (paid) hours

These things are not hard, right? You can do it, and many people like you have already done it!

Technical jobs at Work in Holland

Getting a job with Work in Holland means more than just work. We help you with many things, like:

  • Help with travel and tickets
  • Help with papers you need
  • Someone will pick you up when you arrive
  • A quick look at where you will live
  • Meeting your new boss
  • A place to live with your own private room
  • Good payment and extra benefits

Ready to apply for a technical job in The Netherlands?

Does this sound good to you? We at Work in Holland think this is the least we can do for you. You are new here, and we want to help you. 

Found a technical job in our vacancies that meets your wishes? Great, then follow these steps:

  • Send us your resume and why you want the job
  • Wait for us to answer
  • Fill in some more papers online
  • Get the job
  • Get ready to come here!

Any questions? Want to talk to someone who can help? Just ask, we are here for you!