How it all started

How it all started

A word of Nigel Wood, Founder of LabourLink and

The story of LabourLink started in 1992. Back then I had the intention to travel through Europe with my Volkswagen Beetle. Somehow I had such an amazing time in The Netherlands, that I decided to stay.

In the early years I noticed that job placement with EU candidates was not going well. I heard many stories from people around me. International workers were recruited to come and work here, but after arrival they were left on their own. There was no guidance and they were basically alone. This was not acceptable, since being by yourself in a new country could be really disappointing.

This could and had to be improved, so I decided that one day I would provide a service for internationals that would change this. The idea for LabourLink was born: a recruitment agency that would not only help people find a job, but to properly guide them and set them up with a comfortable life here in The Netherlands. After years of peperation, in 2006 I founded Labourlink: an intermediary that helps people find work and offers them the guidance they deserve.

From pick-up service from the place where they arrive in the Netherlands to housing. And the guidance does not stop here, because during the deployment candidates have a dedicated relationship manager who keeps in touch with them to ensure that they always have a point of contact. We take care of our people through a people-oriented and personal approach.