Warehouse Jobs

Working in a warehouse does not pay that well all over the globe, but The Netherlands is the exception. Salaries in this country are generally higher. Also when you are working in a warehouse. 

Looking for a job in which you do not have to sit still, that keeps you active and also pays good money? Keep on reading. A warehouse job in The Netherlands is the perfect way to make a nice living!


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Working a warehouse job in Holland

Does this apply to you? You're a hardworking individual based somewhere in Europe, but your current job doesn't pay you what you're worth. Which is a shame, because working should come with certain rewards! Well, good news. Warehouse jobs in The Netherlands do pay well!

Warehouse vacancies

There is plenty of work to be found in The Netherlands when it comes to warehouses. As an international worker you get to pick and choose. Have a look at the vacancies, see what matches best with your requirements and send us an application! 

Our vacancies range from order picker jobs to welding jobs in Holland.

What is a warehouse job in The Netherlands like?

Imagine a place where your skills are not just recognized but rewarded. A place where you can earn a living that matches your hard work. Welcome to The Netherlands!

This country in the lower lands has a lot of warehouses. For companies from all over the globe, The Netherlands is a popular country to have warehouses, factories and other facilities located. You can imagine that there is quite some work for people that are willing to work!

About warehouse jobs in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the so-called supplier of Europe. Products from all over the world come to The Netherlands first and are being shipped to the rest of the globe. Which means that there is a lot of money to be made! Where would this be?

  • Schiphol Airport jobs: one of the largest airports in Europe
  • Bleiswijk: an area with a lot of distribution centers 
  • Rotterdam / The Hague area: the biggest metropolitan of The Netherlands

A warehouse job through Work in Holland

Okay, so how do we match you to a warehouse job in The Netherlands? You have come to the right place. Work in Holland is not just a place where you apply for a job. No, there is more to it. Finding a job through Work in Holland comes with extras: 

  • Assistance with all relevant paperwork
  • Help with your journey to The Netherlands
  • Housing with a private room included
  • A pick-up service with the warmest welcome

Housing for warehouse workers

At Work in Holland we believe in honest work, honest pay and especially great living! If we help you find a job, we will also help you with a decent place to live. Our organization has real estate and apartments in possession, meaning that we will house you. 

You will have your own private room, and all the other facilities are shared with a couple of other internationals. Just like yourself: new internationals that are creating a new life in The Netherlands. Great, right!?

How to apply for a warehouse job

Feeling enthusiastic already? We can imagine, because life in The Netherlands is absolutely amazing! Living conditions are great, payments are high, and working conditions are comfortable. 

Have you seen our warehouse vacancies already? If you would like to know how the processes moves on from here, this is what you can expect: 

  1. Apply for a job with your personal information
  2. Wait until you get a response from us
  3. After we got in touch, send us all your documentation
  4. Get a job offer
  5. We make further steps to get you to The Netherlands!

Ready to create your new life? Click here to apply for a warehouse job in The Netherlands!