Housing and living in Holland

The Netherlands generally has better wages and working conditions than most places in Europe. In the Netherlands we work for objectives and results, not for hours in the office. The model of horizontal structure and time flexibility means that employees are more motivated, enjoy more free time and thus have a good quality of life.

If there is one thing that characterizes the most important Dutch cities, it is the cultural diversity of its inhabitants. This multiculturalism makes its people very tolerant towards foreigners.

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EU nationality

If you were born in a European country and lived there for 8 years, you would like to know that you do not need any permit to work in the country. You can live and work legally. All you need is a valid passport, DNI or other official documents proving your nationality, as well as applying for the Citizen Service Number or BSN.

Bank account

You don't have to open a new bank account to work in the Netherlands. You can work with your European account without extra cost. However, if you plan to live and work in the Netherlands for an extended period of time, we recommended that you open a bank account in the country. For this you need a valid proof of identity, the citizen service number (BSN) and a copy of the employment contract.


The minimum wage in the Netherlands is around €1,700 per month. At our company we offer only jobs with a minimum of €1,900 per month. The exact amount depends on your professional profile and the position. Keep in mind that the salary is shown as gross amount, so taxes and social security contributions will be deducted from the salary.


At by Labourlink there are three types of contracts: temporary, self-employed and permanent. The temporary contract is for a fixed period and then you will work for one of our clients. Employees who work for two years with a temporary contract in the same company are already entitled to a permanent contract. The self-employed contract is for candidates with a VAT-number.

Cool sights to view in The Netherlands

Amsterdam Canals


The Zaanse schans


Cheese market


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