Warehouse Employee Amsterdam Airport

Would you like to move to Amsterdam in The Netherlands? When you apply for this job at Schiphol airport, you will be earning €2000-2600 a month. And the best part? We will provide you with living accommodation, a private room, and we will come pick you up from the airport!

  • City Schiphol
  • Hours per week 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Salary Between €550 and €600 per week
  • Education Vmbo
  • Category Warehouse / Logistics
  • Contract type Temporary employment / Temporary, view of permanent employment / Assign

About the function

You will be working at Schiphol, one of the biggest airports in the world. Everyday there are several flights coming in with cargo. These are products and merchandise from all over the world. 

Together with your team, you will pack boxes onto pallets and wrap them. Are you not afraid of a little physical work? Then this job is perfectly suited for you. As long as you don’t mind working with other people, you will get along just fine.

You can work in the afternoon and during the night. The schedule changes from time to time. This is one of the reasons this job pays so well. Sometimes you will work in the evenings and sometimes in the night. Since you will get used to this, this job will not be too difficult for you. 

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About the company by Labourlink specializes in offering jobs in The Netherlands for internationals. But we do more than just finding you work. We provide you with all the means to a new life. A place to live, an introduction to your new country, and help with all your paperwork.

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What we need

You are someone who does not mind physical work. Working with other people does not bother you. Afraid to use your hands is not who you are, and you are ready to earn good money. Changes are you are ready to explore another country. You want to discover something new and live in a place with a lot of other internationals. What better place is there than the area around Amsterdam? 

You have a good understanding of English. Do you know some Dutch as well? All the better!

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What we offer

We offer you work, living accommodation close to Schiphol and Amsterdam, a private room, an introduction to The Netherlands, and a high salary.

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Additional information

Are you ready for a new life in Amsterdam and The Netherlands? Apply now by sending your CV and motivation

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Our recruiter

Maria Anoro Vargas