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Working in sales is great. You get to talk to people and get paid for it. Can it get any better? 

Elevate your career and earning potential by landing a sales job in The Netherlands. Big and well-known companies from different industries are headquartered here, offering lucrative opportunities for talented sales professionals like you.

Browse through our sales job listings and discover your next career move!


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Working a sales job in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands has become a hub for international talent, especially in the sales sector. The competitive salaries and benefits packages are among the best in Europe, making it an attractive destination for sales professionals. We have job offers in Amsterdam and vacancies in Rotterdam, the biggest cities in the Netherlands. 

Your skills in sales are invaluable to companies aiming to expand their market reach, and they are willing to compensate you generously for your contributions.

Sales jobs vacancies

Work in Holland is your gateway to a variety of sales roles across different industries. Explore the current sales job vacancies and submit your application to embark on a rewarding career journey.

Sales jobs for English speakers

The Dutch market is increasingly global, and English-speaking sales professionals are in high demand. If you're proficient in English, you're already halfway to meeting the job requirements.

Whether you refer to it as The Netherlands, Holland, or Nederland, this country offers a plethora of opportunities for English-speaking sales professionals. So, why hesitate?

The requirements

You've got the language skills, which is a great start. Now, let's look at some other qualifications you'll need to excel in a sales role:

  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Proficiency in using sales software and tools
  • Willingness to work flexible hours

Sounds doable? You're well-suited for a sales role in The Netherlands, and many have already paved the way for you.

Sales jobs at Work in Holland

Securing a sales job through Work in Holland is not just a job change; it's a lifestyle upgrade. We offer comprehensive support services, including:

  • Travel arrangements and ticket bookings
  • Assistance with paperwork
  • Welcome service upon arrival
  • Orientation tour of your new living area
  • Employer introductions
  • Private room accommodation
  • Competitive salary and additional perks

Are you a freelancer? Take a look at our freelance jobs in the Netherlands.

Ready to apply for a sales job?

If this opportunity sounds like a dream come true, that's because, at Work in Holland, we believe in providing the best for our international talent. If you're new to The Netherlands, rest assured that we're here to make your transition smooth.

To apply for a sales job, follow these steps:

  • Submit your resume and a motivational letter
  • Await our response
  • Complete any additional digital paperwork
  • Receive your job offer
  • Prepare for your move to The Netherlands

Questions? Our recruiters are just a message away. Feel free to reach out; we're eager to assist you.