Why Holland is the place to be in 2024!

Date published 11 August 2021
Date modified 8 March 2024

Jobs everywhere!

Holland isn't just about windmills and tulips; it's a land of opportunity. And guess what? They're looking for guys with energy, ready to jump in and make a mark. The job market is booming, and businesses are on the hunt for fresh talent.


Loads of cool jobs

From construction sites in bustling cities to cafes in cozy towns, there's a job for every hand ready to work. Whether you're into building, driving, or serving up a mean cup of coffee, Holland's got a spot for you. And the best part? You don't need fancy papers or degrees. Just show up with the will to work, and doors will open.


Good money and extras

Let's talk about the good stuff: money. Jobs in Holland don't just pay well; they come with perks. Think health care that's got your back, holidays to chill, and bonuses that'll make you smile. And it's not just the paycheck. With regular work hours, you get plenty of time to enjoy life, explore, and have fun.


Life in Holland is awesome

But hey, life isn't just about work. After clocking out, there's a whole world waiting for you in Holland. The Dutch lifestyle is all about enjoying the small moments and making the most of every day.


Work hard, play hard

The Dutch have a cool way of doing things. You put in your hours, and then the rest of the time? It's all yours. Hit the local pubs, catch a game, or just chill by the beautiful canals. And with shorter work hours, you've got even more time to explore, meet new people, and make memories.


Getting around is easy

Who needs a car when you've got bikes and trains? Holland is compact, making it perfect for quick trips. Whether you're commuting to work or heading out on a weekend adventure, it's a breeze. And the views? Stunning. Cycle through fields of flowers, or hop on a train to a beach. Every journey is an adventure.


You'll fit right in

New place, new faces, but in Holland, you'll feel right at home in no time. The Dutch are known for their welcoming nature, and you'll find friends in every corner. 


Meet people like you!

It's not just the Dutch here. Holland's a mix of people from everywhere. You'll find lads who've come looking for work, just like you. Share stories, grab a drink, and make some new mates. There are loads of events, clubs, and spots where internationals hang out, making it easy to find friends. And with communities from all over the world, you'll always have a taste of home.


No Dutch? No stress!

Worried about the language? Don't be. Most people here speak English, and they're super friendly. Whether you're at work, shopping, or just out and about, you'll manage just fine. And if you ever feel like picking up some Dutch for fun, there are loads of easy courses and apps to help you out. Plus, the Dutch appreciate it when you try to speak their language, even if it's just a word or two.


Need a place? No problem!

Finding a cool spot to live is easier than you think. Work in Holland has a range of housing options, from city apartments to countryside homes. This means that if you find a job through our agency, housing is included!


Finding a home is simple

As soon as you find a job through Work in Holland, you will also get an offer for housing. And not just any house; you will have your own private room. Accommodation is included when you work for us. 


Do you decide to stay in The Netherlands for longer? We will help you get all settled in. If that means you would like to move to another place, then will assist you in your search for a new home. 


Work in Holland is here to help. We got listings of places that are comfy, close to the action, and won't empty your wallet. Plus, being around other guys from back home? Always a bonus. No more endless searching or dealing with tricky paperwork. We’ve got you covered.


Starting off right

First days can be a mix of excitement and nerves. But companies in Holland? They make sure you're set from day one. They'll help with all the starting stuff, show you around, and introduce you to the team. It's all about making sure you kick off your Dutch adventure feeling good and ready. They value your skills and are eager to help you integrate into the Dutch way of life.



So, there you have it. Cool jobs, awesome vibes, and a new adventure every day. Holland's the place to be in 2024. Thinking of making the move? Trust us, it's a decision you won't regret.