The 3 reasons why The Netherlands is the most popular country among international workers

Date published 5 February 2024
Date modified 5 February 2024

With its strong economy, exceptional quality of life, and international and inclusive environment, the Netherlands has become a magnet for professionals seeking new horizons. In this article, we delve into the three key reasons behind the country's allure. 


From thriving career opportunities and a well-balanced work-life culture to a high standard of living and a society that embraces diversity, the Netherlands offers an amazing blend of opportunities and experiences. Whether you're considering a career move or simply curious about what makes this country so appealing, join us as we uncover why the Netherlands shines brightly on the global stage for international workers.


1. A Strong Economy and Career Opportunities


The Netherlands has a robust and dynamic economy that has made it a prime destination for international workers. Not that this country is the only popular option. Those who are seeking promising career opportunities in another country are also coming to countries such as Belgium, Germany or The United Kingdom or Belgium. 


However, The Netherlands beats their neighboring countries when it comes to popularity. With its strategic location in the heart of Europe, the country serves as a gateway to both European and global markets, attracting a diverse range of industries and businesses.


Modern society 

The Netherlands is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, making it an ideal environment for those seeking to start their own businesses. The country's supportive infrastructure, access to funding, and a culture that encourages innovation create an ecosystem that nurtures and fosters entrepreneurship.


Vacancies and opportunities 

The Dutch labor market is characterized by a high demand for skilled professionals. International workers with expertise in sectors such as construction, technology, and engineering, are often sought after. The Netherlands has implemented policies to attract and retain international talent, including facilitating work permits and offering tax benefits for highly skilled migrants. This welcoming environment, combined with the country's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce ensures that international workers have ample opportunities. 


2. Exceptional Quality of Life


The Netherlands is renowned for offering an exceptional quality of life, making it a top choice for international workers seeking a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle. The country's commitment to infrastructure development, social well-being, and environmental sustainability contribute to an elevated standard of living that sets it apart on the global stage.


Get anywhere anytime 

One of the hallmarks of the Dutch quality of life is its well-developed infrastructure. Efficient public transportation networks, including extensive train and tram systems, make commuting a breeze. Additionally, the Netherlands is famous for its world-class cycling infrastructure, providing a healthy and eco-friendly means of transportation. Well-maintained roads and a comprehensive network of cycling paths make exploring the country's picturesque landscapes and vibrant cities a delight.


Standard of living 

The Dutch healthcare system is another pillar of the exceptional quality of life in the Netherlands. Renowned for its high standards, accessibility, and comprehensive coverage, the healthcare system ensures that residents, including international workers, have access to quality medical services. From general practitioners to specialized clinics and hospitals, the Netherlands offers a well-organized healthcare system that prioritizes the well-being of its residents.



The Dutch value a healthy work-life balance, fostering an environment that promotes leisure, family time, and personal fulfillment. With shorter workweeks and ample vacation time, international workers have the opportunity to engage in recreational activities, spend quality time with loved ones, and pursue personal interests. The Netherlands' commitment to sustainability is also well known. Green spaces, and a strong cultural scene further enhances the overall quality of life. This is providing a harmonious blend of nature, arts, and leisure.


In summary, the Netherlands offers an exceptional quality of life characterized by efficient infrastructure, accessible healthcare, a healthy work-life balance, and a commitment to sustainability and cultural richness. International workers can enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle that prioritizes well-being, connectivity, and the pursuit of personal interests, ensuring that their time in the Netherlands is fulfilling and rewarding.


3. International and Inclusive Environment

Be welcome 

The Netherlands has cultivated an international and inclusive environment that attracts individuals from all corners of the globe. With its welcoming nature, diverse population, and proficiency in English, the country provides a supportive atmosphere for international workers to integrate and thrive.


Learning Dutch is not necessary 

One of the key factors that contribute to the Netherlands' international appeal is the Dutch proficiency in English. The vast majority of the population speaks English fluently, which greatly facilitates communication for non-Dutch speakers. This linguistic advantage enables international workers to seamlessly navigate both personal and professional interactions, eliminating language barriers and fostering a sense of inclusivity.


Furthermore, the country of The Netherlands prides itself on its diverse and multicultural society. The country has a long history of embracing different cultures and traditions, making it a welcoming place for expatriates. From international schools and multicultural neighborhoods to a wide range of community organizations and events, the Netherlands provides ample opportunities for international workers to connect with others from their home countries while also integrating into the local Dutch community.

Inclusive towards other cultures 

The Netherlands is committed to fostering an inclusive workforce. Companies prioritize diversity and actively promote equal opportunities for all employees. This inclusive approach ensures that international workers feel valued. It also provides  the opportunity to contribute their unique perspectives and experiences to the workplace.