Dutch Holidays

Date published 12 June 2024
Date modified 12 June 2024

National Holidays in the Netherlands

National holidays in the Netherlands are a vibrant testament to the country's history and cultural identity. On King's Day (Koningsdag), celebrated on April 27, the nation transforms into a lively orange fest, featuring street markets, music, and festivities across the country. Liberation Day (Bevrijdingsdag), observed on May 5, commemorates the end of WWII in the Netherlands. It's marked by events celebrating freedom and democracy, although it's not a standard day off for everyone; the entitlement depends on your employment contract.


Public Holidays in the Netherlands

The Netherlands observes seven official (mostly religious) public holidays, along with several non-official ones. These days, historically and religiously significant, bring families and communities together for celebration and reflection.


Non-Official Holidays

Not every holiday is officially recognized with a day off. Sinterklaas, Remembrance Day (Dodenherdenking), and New Year's Eve (Oudejaarsavond) are celebrated widely, with Sinterklaas being particularly grand, and Remembrance Day dedicated to commemorating the fallen. These occasions enrich the Dutch holiday landscape with traditions and memories.


Do You Get a Day Off?

Not all holidays automatically grant a day off in the Netherlands; it often depends on your collective labor agreement (CAO). Good Friday (Goede Vrijdag) and Liberation Day, for example, are not guaranteed days off for everyone. This highlights the importance of consulting with your employer about holiday entitlements.


Overview of the Dutch Holidays in 2024

Fortunately there are quite some days that are considered to be a Holiday - and therefore work is not required. 


English Name

Dutch Name 


New Year’s Day



Good Friday

Goede vrijdag

31-03-2024 and 01-04-2024

Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Eerste en tweede paasdag


King’s Day



Liberation Day



Ascension DAy


19-05-2024 and 20-05-2024

Whit Sunday and Whit Monday

Eerste en tweede Pinksterdag

25-12-2024 and 26-12-2024

Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Eerste en tweede Kerstdag

School Holidays

For those moving to the Netherlands with family, understanding the school holiday schedule is essential. The Dutch school year includes breaks in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, staggered by region to manage tourism and travel. These breaks offer perfect opportunities for family outings or exploring the scenic and cultural beauties of the Netherlands.


Typical Dutch Activities on Public Holidays

Dutch public holidays are not just days off but opportunities to dive into the country's culture and traditions. The New Year's Dive (Nieuwjaarsduik), Prinsjesdag, and possibly celebrating Carnival are just a few examples of how the Dutch make these holidays uniquely theirs. From the orange craze of King's Day to the solemnity of Remembrance Day and the family fun during Easter, every holiday has its own flavor of celebration.


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