Cargo Employee at the Dutch Airport

Do you want to move to Amsterdam in The Netherlands? Would you like to earn up to €2600 a month? When you get hired for this job, you will be working at one of the biggest airports in the world; Schiphol.

  • City Schiphol
  • Hours per week 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Salary Between €550 and €600 per week
  • Education Vmbo
  • Category Warehouse / Logistics
  • Contract type Temporary employment / Temporary, view of permanent employment / Assign

About the function

Working as a Cargo Employee at Schiphol comes with certain benefits. Once you are hired for this job, we will provide you with a place to live. Close to Schiphol airport, which means you will be living close to Amsterdam as well. A private room with your television and fridge. In a house with your colleagues. 

Sounds too good to be true? It is not! One of the benefits of working for us is that we will take care of everything. A good salary, a nice place to live, and a warm welcome to The Netherlands! 

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About the company

Schiphol is one of the biggest and most important airports in the world. On a daily basis, thousands of flights transfer through Amsterdam. These flights contain both people as well as cargo. At least half of the airplanes are filled with products from all around the world. 

Your job will be to unload the packages from these flights. Let’s say a flight comes in from Japan with hundreds of boxes filled with Playstation games. These products are brought from the airplane to a warehouse, where you will be unloading the boxes onto pallets. 

You will be stacking the boxes, wrapping them and you will report if there are any damages. This is a job for men who are strong and are not afraid to use their hands. Which is also the reason why it pays quite well! 

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What we need

As a cargo employee you need to be able to do physical work. You are capable of carrying boxes and stacking them onto pallets. Obviously you will not be doing this alone, since you will be working in a team. Unless you want to work alone and by yourself, this job will be suited for you. 

It is required that you speak English to a certain level. This will also make your stay in Amsterdam more fun. In The Netherlands everyone speaks English, so communicating with people here will be quite easy. Do you know some Dutch as well? All the better! 

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What we offer

We are Labourlink and we specialize in finding suitable jobs for people from fellow European countries. Fortunately we do more than just offer you a job. We provide you with a new life in The Netherlands. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we guide you through your whole stay in our country. 

Once you are hired for this job as a Cargo Employee, we will pick you up from the airport. We will show you around and will bring you to your new home. Here you will have your own room. This will cost you €150 a week, which is relatively cheap for the area around Amsterdam. In your new neighborhood we will take you to the supermarket, so you will know where to get yourself food and drinks. 

On your first day we will also introduce you to your new workplace and your new colleagues. All the relevant administrative tasks will be taken care of by us. By doing so, you have no trouble filling out too much paperwork. We will do everything to make your life as easy as possible! 

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Additional information

Are you ready for a new life in Amsterdam and The Netherlands? Apply now by sending your CV and motivation

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Our recruiter

Maria Anoro Vargas