Jobs in Eindhoven

Searching for jobs in Eindhoven? We think you are on the right track! This amazing city in the region of Noord-Brabant has a lot to offer!

Work in Holland is your trusted partner for finding the job that suits you best in this innovative city. We excel at connecting international workers like you with esteemed employers in Eindhoven. Seize the opportunity to boost your income and enhance your life!


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Eindhoven jobs for expats and internationals

Are you an international worker searching for new work opportunities in Eindhoven? You're in luck! The city is a hotspot for expats, and Work in Holland is here to help you fit right in.

We offer a range of jobs in various sectors, from administrative jobs to warehouse jobs in the Netherlands. Your next career move is just a click away.

Zaandam, Schiphol and Weesp are some of the places around Amsterdam where a lot of companies are based. Be assured that you can find a well-paying job here! We have a wide range of Schiphol Airport jobs, close to Amsterdam. 

We're here to make your transition smooth. From job hunting to settling in, Work in Holland has got you covered.

English speaking jobs in Eindhoven

Language barriers? No problem! Work in Holland specializes in English speaking jobs in Eindhoven, so you can work without the worry of language hiccups.

These roles are tailored for those with basic English skills. Work at ease, knowing you're fully understood.

How to get work in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Wondering how to secure work in Eindhoven? It's easier than you think. Work in Holland simplifies the whole process for you.

From the initial application to the final interview, we've got you covered. Your dream job in Eindhoven is closer than you think. Having trouble finding the right vacancy in Eindhoven? Take a look at our jobs in Rotterdam or our jobs in Utrecht.

Part-Time English jobs in Eindhoven

Looking for something more flexible? We also offer part-time English jobs in Eindhoven, perfect for those who want to balance work and leisure.

Whether you're a student or just seeking a temporary job in the Netherlands, we have options that fit your schedule.

Jobs in Eindhoven with accommodation

One of the best perks of working in Eindhoven through Work in Holland? We take care of your accommodation!

Not just a bed and a pillow, but a cozy, private room to call home. Say farewell to housing woes and hello to your new residence! 

We offer everyone private accommodation because we know what it’s like to move to a new country. You are making an exciting step and we are here to help you get all settled in.  Read more about the way we do things here.

How to choose from the jobs in Eindhoven

Feeling overwhelmed by the job options in Eindhoven? Don't worry about it. Work in Holland is here to guide you in making the right choice.

Browse through our listings, consider your skills and preferences, and we'll help you land the job that's a perfect match for you. 

Got any questions? Or wanna talk to one of our recruiters? Feel free to contact us! We are here to help you!