From Kiev to Amsterdam: inside the life of an international recruiter

Date published 5 February 2024
Date modified 5 February 2024

Meet Anna Burdeina, Work in Holland’s very own international recruiter. She talks to candidates and job applicants from all over Europe on a daily basis. Anyone who applies for a job at Work in Holland, has to go through Anna. She’s the woman in charge of international recruitment. 

Moving to another country is a big step. Most international workers are eager to learn more about their soon-to-be home country. And we cannot blame them. A new adventure is always exciting and challenging. We ask Anna about her experiences. 


How did your story here in The Netherlands start? 

“Shortly after the war in Ukraine started I had the chance to study at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. Initially the plan was to move back to Ukraine at the end of the semester. But just a couple of weeks in, I realized that I really wanted to stay in The Netherlands. Fortunately I was able to finish my studies here and to look for a job.”

And how did you get in touch with Work in Holland? “I have a degree in psychology and I was looking for work as a recruiter, but for most of the jobs in recruitment you have to speak Dutch. At some point my boyfriend, who once came to this country as an international worker as well, was browsing websites and saw a familiar face on one of them: it was Davor! We got in touch with him and found out Work in Holland was in need of an international recruiter.” 


What do you really like about your job as a recruiter? 

“I get to talk to people from all kinds of different countries. That gives me a positive feeling. And looking at CVs of applicants is really interesting and fun. Sometimes international workers put skills on there which I had never heard of. People are really creative sometimes. And of course working with my colleagues at Work in Holland is also one of the best things about my job!” 

How would you describe your overall experience with The Netherlands? 

“Living in another country and gaining international work experience is something I always wanted. When I arrived in The Netherlands I realized quite soon that I could grow and develop myself here. People are friendly, not distant and everyone shows great hospitality. At the moment I am living in Utrecht and all my neighbors are extremely cheerful and inviting. My experience is great so far.

What do you really like about this country? 

“Everyone is friendly,  that’s obviously nice. But what I do love are all those bicycles! In Ukraine a bicycle is something you use on a trip during the weekend or a special occasion. Here you guys seem to use it for everything, I think that’s amazing! I take the bike to work almost everyday and I really enjoy it.” 

What are your plans for the future? 

“I am planning to stay in The Netherlands for about 5 years. Maybe at some point I will move back to Ukraine or to another country. For now I am just really enjoying my time here!”