Who are we looking for? 

So, you are ready to begin your personal adventure in the Netherlands? That’s great! It’s time to tell you more about who we (and the Dutch employers in our network) are looking for. Simply put: We are looking for people who want to broaden their horizon and are not afraid to work in another country for a longer period of time. Does this appeal to you? Good! Lets’ explain a bit more.

Does your profession match with our needs?

There are a couple of industries we are focusing on: (heavy) industry, large businesses, logistics and aviation. Within these industries we have need for specific professionals like:

  • Welders
  • Installers
  • Metallurgists
  • CAD designers
  • Mechanics
  • Project managers
  • Installation specialists
  • Fork-lift drivers
  • Air freight and cargo personnel
  • Avionics engineers
  • Aviation ground personnel

We consider work experience with companies like DHL, UPS, Schiphol etc. as a big plus.

What about certification, training and diplomas?

If you are a certified professional and you possess the right diplomas or licenses it will be easier to find you a suitable job. But we also offer job opportunities to people that don’t possess the specific certifications or diplomas necessary for the job. Often we can arrange an in-house education on behalf of your new employer.