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Work in Holland is powered by Labourlink BV, a reliable staffing agency established in 2006. With a unique service making the right connections, our organization is committed to the best match between employee and employer with excellent attention to both parties. No is not an option for us and we are passionate about taking on challenges!

What we're about

How we do it? Putting in practice our values. We acknowledge that everything we do is always bound to real people with real questions and needs.

Our people are the driving force behind our organization. That is why we have developed this website specifically for this group to give a nice and clear picture of what we have to offer as organization.

We offer work throughout the Netherlands and a large part of our offer is very interesting for candidates from the EU. That is why we created

Where you can find us

WorkInHolland by Labourlink
Korte Schaft 21a
3991 AT, Houten
030 303 9791

How we started

Nigel Wood
Founder by Labourlink
In 1992 I had the intention to travel through Europe with my beetle, but I liked the Netherlands so much that I stayed. In the early years I noticed that job placement with EU candidates was not going well. I heard many stories from people around me, that they were not properly guided, and that they felt that they were left to their own devices. This could and had to be improved, so I decided in 2006 to start Labourlink: an intermediary that helps people find work and offers them the guidance they deserve. From pick-up service from the place where they arrive in the Netherlands to housing. And the guidance does not stop here, because during the deployment candidates have a dedicated relationship manager who keeps in touch with them to ensure that they always have a point of contact. We take care of our people through a people-oriented and personal approach.

Why WorkinHolland?


We want to make a connection with you, because we care.

  • A fixed person to contact
  • Always available for you
  • We know our people

You can count on us, which is great when it comes to your job.

  • We are transparent
  • A promise is a promise
  • We do our very best for you

Every day we work hard and do our best to find the best jobs.

  • A suitable job that fits you
  • Everything is arranged well
  • We want to improve ourselves¬†

Our team

Aad van den Berg

Aad van den Berg

Discipline Recruitment
Davor Kavelj

Davor Kavelj

Discipline Recruitment
Nigel Wood

Nigel Wood

Discipline Commercial